"I would like to thank you so much. I have had this platelet problem for such a long time and the medical doctors still couldn't figure out my problem even with a bone marrow test. With your guidance and expertise, all my blood readings have been restored to normal in as little as four weeks,. You have me sold. Thank you so much."

"I had a series of five operations and I know that the natural dietary supplements that Becky suggested for me to use have made me recover much quicker and have helped me get my strength back."

"I am eternally grateful for Becky's tutelage and her knowledge as a nutritionist. She teaches rather than preaches. There are different options to fit your lifestyle, she encourages you to heal yourself. The more you know the better you can live!"

"I am a man of my ways, the most stubborn, and addictive eater out there. Becky has provided me with such a knowledge of nourishment and easy substitutes that I don’t even crave my old way. I am so grateful to this life changing assistant in helping me vanish my problems which has allowed me to experience the best I have ever felt!"

"Wow! Thank you so much for all your expertise! The questions you have answered and all the nutrition information you have shared has been very helpful. I make better choices and my family eats more healthy today. Thank you for all your support! You made a difference in our lives."

"Becky has helped me with eating better. I used to eat a lot of carbs like donuts and now I do not crave them. I have lost weight, going down 2 pants sizes. With the changes I have taken in my eating habits I have been able to take less of the medication I take for cholesterol. Thanks to Becky for teaching me to eat right."

"I always thought it can't hurt to have soda sometimes and eat bread. It is something everyone does, it's normal. I didn't realize what it was doing to my body. I have a very low tolerance to yeast and after years of going to the Dr with yeast infections, no one said stop taking in yeast and that will make them go away. Until Becky and I started to analyze my eating habits. I am so grateful. I have not had an infection in 2 yrs and I feel better and eat better and I am passing the word with my co-workers. We talk about the way we eat and alternatives and I ask Becky specifics about their concerns. I am grateful for all the help Becky has given me, to be a healthier person."

"First of all, I did not drink much water as I thought I retained it, and so did not drink many liquids. I FOUND OUT FROM YOU, THAT BY DRINKING WATER, IT FLUSHES ITSELF OUT, AND IS HEALTHY. Also, with UTIs, to cut down on bread, milk and cheese. I did this on my trip, and it worked and is still working. Also, to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, instead of sweets. I also use a lot of herbs in cooking, and so does my husband. I do feel healthier and have more energy."

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